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Get instant access to over 15,000+ high-quality, no-prep teaching printables that make planning your lessons quick and easy so you can focus on the things you can enjoy outside of your classroom!

Do you find yourself…

  • ✓ Spending much of your time prepping materials and manipulatives, and activities needed to differentiate?

  • ✓ Not having enough time for your own kids, family, and friends? 

  • ✓ Getting to school extra early/late to prep your lessons?

  • ✓ Spending your weekends trying to get the latest bundle on sale?

  • ✓ Only getting 5 minutes to eat your lunch because you are prepping the entire time?

  • ✓ Having a hard time differentiating for all of your students due to the lack of resources?

  • ✓ Burning out on teaching because of all the other things added to your plate?


There’s a better way, my friend! Introducing: ETTC Premium! 

Say no more to spending your weekends searching for the perfect bundle. Get printables for every subject all year long. Quickly find what you need with our library of 15,000+ resources for Kinder, 1st, and 2nd Grade!

The World’s Most

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With new resource additions every week, you will constantly have high-quality no prep printables that keep your students engaged and moving forward with their learning. Gone are the days of having to organize and print bundles you just bought! When you choose Premium, you are choosing to spend less time planning, and more time on YOU!

Why should I become a member?

15,000+ Resources

Enjoy our vast library of ready-to-use primary printables! Save time with our easy search and never worry about organizing and/or printing a bundle or zip file again! Just search, print, and you're set!

Early Access

Get a head start in your classroom with immediate access to any of our NEWEST resources before they launch. Premium also has exclusive resources you can't find anywhere else!

No More Bundles

Search our comprehensive library of resources for students in grades Kindergarten-3rd Grade in all subject areas. Our team of expert teachers are always making sure you have the very best of the best!

Less Expensive.

For one small annual or monthly fee, you get unlimited access to everything you need to plan your lessons. Never worry about waiting for the next sale to purchase that bundle! Say NO to buying more bundles!


  • Instant access to 15,000+ resources
  • Unlimited number of downloads
  • VIP Pass to exclusive resource packets
  • Packet downloads available on many resources
  • Editable resource downloads
  • Digital resources in Google Drive
  • Access to membership customer support
  • Cancel anytime
$ 12
  • Instant access to 15,000+ resources
  • Unlimited number of downloads
  • Single page downloads
  • Editable resource downloads
  • Access to membership customer support
  • Cancel anytime

ETTC Premium is the #1 space for unlimited primary printables

Kaeley Ashley
Kaeley Ashley
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“Saved me lots of time and helped me create sub plans and remote learning packets! LOVE ETTC premium!!”
Karla Durren Hill
Karla Durren Hill
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“Definitely worth it!!! So great for filling in holes in our curriculum, reviewing concepts, fun centers, and meeting the needs of my students at varying levels. Lots of time and effort and money saved. I would’ve spent way more elsewhere for all of the resources! And the kids enjoy the activities. They are fun and creative, not just your typical, basic worksheets”
Rachel Ballin
Rachel Ballin
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“Game Changer!! Life Saver!! Worth Every Penny! I teach at a small rural private Catholic school. I found your website and membership last Thanksgiving break. It was a game changer!! After 3 years of teaching PreK, I moved to 1st grade. While still in my Early Childhood Educator wheelhouse, it was definitely a change. With new curriculum in all content areas I was starting from scratch. As a wife and a mother of three, your premium membership was a life safer!! It is one subscription I do not feel guilty paying for each month! Completely worth it!!”
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“Education to the Core consistently produces quality printables and activities. Purchasing the membership gave me access to all of their resources instead of buying them one by one.”
Tracy H.
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“The Premium Membership is an AWESOME experience! You have all of ETTC’s resources at your fingertips! They are constantly coming out with new resources, so the membership is like an endless growing bundle.”
Alyssa B.
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“I LOVE having access to ALL ETTC printables. There are so many engaging resources. In addition, the ETTC team is great! They truly care about educators and students.”
Demetria A.
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“I just want to say that I appreciate and love ALL of your resources… and now I don’t have to pick and choose lol… I appreciate all the work and effort that goes into your products!! Quality work each time.”
Cynthia V.
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“Thank you so much!!!! I am so grateful. I love how the work you have kids do is aligned so well with what I am teaching or is a great review. You have made my job easier this year and that is so needed. ❤️”
Lauren D.
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“Just wanted to say thanks for all you do. Your emails make it so easy to find the worksheets/skills I’m looking for. I absolutely love what you create!”
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“Hey Emily (and Team), I am obsessed with the Premium Membership. I mean seriously, y’all. It’s so fantastic! Thanks so much,”
Delmar F.
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“Thank you so much, Team ETTC! This is working wonders with my grandson! I cannot believe how powerful this system is! Once again thank you!”
Sharon S.
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“Thanks for all of the great resources! I am a Title 1 Reading Teacher and I work with students in the 2nd 3rd and 4th grade who are 2 years below grade level. I pull students out individually or in small groups. I was extremely happy to be able to get an annual membership! Thanks for all you do!”
Greenie G.
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“YOU continue to amaze me with your excellent work pages that are clear, easy for children to do do based on not too much information on a page, the sequential steps for various concepts, and for how you are enhancing my curriculum. The money I spent on the Premium Membership is some of the best money I have spent over my 32 years as a first-grade teacher. You and your staff are to be commended for helping educate children through what you produce. Thank you for all you do do to enhance a classroom teachers’ curriculum. With respect and appreciation,”

Hi! I'm Emily, Founder of Education to the Core.
At ETTC, we exist to help our teachers build a stronger classroom as they connect with our community to find trusted, state-of-the-art resources designed by teachers for teachers. Our mission is to improve the lives of every teacher and learner by providing the most comprehensive, reliable, and inclusive educational resources. We look forward to working with you! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact membership@educationtothecore.com. 

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